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I now have much better posture, stronger core, better flexibility, less pain and I feel at least 2 inches taller!” ~ Howard Feller

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Diluting essential oils for topical use

Why dilute essential oils? The word “dilute” usually makes you think of making something less strong or less effective. But it’s actually the opposite when it comes to essential oils. When using oils topically (on your skin), I recommend using a “carrier oil”. A...

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Tight spot solution: Shoulders

Who doesn't have tight shoulders and neck these days? Carrying a backpack, driving, traveling, sleeping can all cause some level of tightness in the neck and shoulders. Sitting at a desk, texting on your phone (anyone?) carrying kids and stress can also cause neck...

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4 ways to relax tight muscles

We all get a little bit tight from time to time.   There are different reasons for muscle tightness, so if simply stretching isn't working it might help to try another option.    Here are 4 things that can help your muscles relax and stretch a little easier:  ...

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3 things you can do right now to align your spine

Ah, posture. That annoying thing that seems to just never be good enough. Pilates helps, but guess what? You could almost be doing Pilates if you did these 3 things all day!   They are not Pilates exercises, just alignment principles that help keep your pelvis...

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3 Postures That Can Lead To Back Pain

There are many things we do with our bodies that we repeat over and over again, day in and day out, without even realizing it.   There are three postures that might seem easy and more comfortable at the time but they actually put stress on the body and cause...

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How does the breath connect to the pelvic floor?

There are many of us out there with pelvic floor issues. Clients may or may not share the details of the state of their pelvic floor with you but you can get an idea of what's happening down there for them by.... ...watching how they breathe.   If you see that...

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How to Get Better Results in Pilates (hint: BREATHE!)

I've noticed lately that some of my students are confused about the correct way to breathe while moving in general.   Correct and efficient breathing is crucial in order to see results with Pilates   This helps as well safely perform other movements...

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Your HOME Pilates Practice

I always encourage my Pilates clients, (especially my most beginner clients) to take home a few very simple (but not necessarily easy) exercises and work on them each day at home. Practicing Pilates at home really helps students increase body awareness on their...

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Does Pilates Really Lengthen Your Muscles?

Have you ever heard someone talking about how Pilates can "lengthen" muscles? Ive seen many a body transform with Pilates. And while I know that its impossible for muscles to actually lengthen, I get it why some people say that. Unlike many Pilates instructors, I...

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