The Morning wakeup warmup

A quick series of simple movements specially designed to help your body transition from sleeping to fully fresh and awake.

  • Do you wake up feeling achy and stiff?
  • Need a way to ease gradually into your morning?
  • Always have good intentions for exercising early in the day but somehow it never happens?
  • Want to start the day with some movement but don’t have the time or energy for it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the Morning Wakeup Warmup is for you.

I’ve always been a morning person, but exercising super early is something I always had to really force myself to do. Once I got past the initial hurdle of just getting started and warmed up, it was fine…and once it was over I would feel amazing. But there was always that initial push to get my body moving that was especially difficult.

this is why I created this quick and easy step to ease your way in to moving in the morning with intention and purpose.

The Morning Wakeup Warmup is a super quick series of simple movements specially designed to help with the transition from sleeping to starting the day fully fresh and awake.

You can start this sequence just seconds after opening your eyes!

Depending on your level, you can use it as a stand alone morning routine, or as a way to gradually prepare the body for a more intense morning yoga, run or exercise session. These movements gently lubricate the joints, mobilize your muscles, encourage breathing and circulation, and help to ease achiness and joint discomfort.

The benefits are instantaneous.

It’s amazing how great you can feel after just a few minutes of focused, mindful movement!

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