Spine Align

Foundational Pilates and ELDOA for Spine Health.

Improve your posture, strengthen your core, build a balanced body.

Basic and Intermediate
Pilates Mat

foundational Posture and Post workday workout
Safe core strengthening and Full body stretch

Does this sound like you?

  • You sit a lot and/or work in front of a computer
  • You feel stiff and achy after a long day
  • You are not sure what exercises would be beneficial for you specifically
  • You have had injuries in the past and want to help prevent them from recurring
  • You exercise and still have back pain
  • You want to improve your performance in your favorite sport
  • You feel out of touch with your body after not exercising, having a baby, recovering from an injury
  • You are ready for exercises that help you to tune into your body, rather than zone out
  • You have back pain that is stopping you from doing your favorite activities

Imagine if, right now, you could:

  • Relieve your achiness
  • Decompress your joints
  • Improve your circulation, flexibility, strength, mobility and stamina
  • Exercise in such a way that you feel energized afterwards
  • Prevent old injuries from getting worse, and new ones from happening
  • Get back in touch and feel in control of your body
  • Work smarter and specifically address your posture and balance

At the end of the day feel great in your body!

Hi, I’m Danielle.

Pilates Teacher and ELDOA Certified Trainer

Through my 20 years of experience as a Pilates teacher and fitness trainer I have worked with many athletes, performers, new moms, exercise newbies as well as people recovering from injuries. I am also a certified ELDOA trainer and work with lots of people with back pain.

I see fitness as a “whole person project” rather than just the exercise element.

When you feel good in your body it affects your confidence, mood, sleep, concentration, performance and more.

I created this program as a way for you to independently train your body for other physically active things that you love to do….like playing your favorite competitive sport or even just playing with your kids on the floor.

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” Joseph Pilates

It’s never too late to improve your health and wellbeing!

Let me introduce you to:

Spine Align

Foundational Pilates and ELDOA for Spine Health.

Improve your posture, strengthen your core, build a balanced body.

Spine Align is a program that will introduce the fundamentals of both the Pilates method and ELDOA postures in order to achieve and maintain a healthy spine, strong core and improved posture.

If I could recommend the most doable, effective and safe way to address back pain, THIS WOULD BE IT.

These methods are both beneficial for developing body awareness and control, as well as normalizing the posture.

ELDOAs are specific positions that target each and every level of the spine using muscular strength to put tension on the fascial lines in order to create space in a joint. The result is less compression, better blood flow, increased disc hydration, better mobility, stability and control, reversed effects of gravity on the joints, and more!

Pilates exercises work the body to lengthen and stretch the spine with control – in all the directions it was meant to move. As a result you move in a more aligned, efficient and balanced way.

The beauty of this program is that anyone can do it.

This program is for all levels of fitness and experience. Total beginners can get amazing benefits, as well as seasoned athletes. In fact, many professional athletes actually do both Pilates and ELDOA to stay in shape for their sports.

You start where you are. With this program, we start at the foundation and build, and you go at your own pace. The exercises start out very basic and with a lot of details to ensure you are doing them optimally for your body.

If you find a particular exercise that is not possible for you to do, I will personally find a modification that can be customized for your body.

I know how to meet you where you are at to get you on the path towards the results you want.

Plus, I am always available and reachable if you have questions or need help.

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

Pilates and ELDOA are very effective in their own right. However, over the years working with clients of all ages and fitness levels I have found that…

Pilates and Eldoa have a great deal of synergy.

This program combines workouts from both disciplines as a great way to address the fitness of the spine, alleviate back pain, prevent injuries, improve performance and encourage a sense of well being.

Wait! But what in the world is ELDOA?

What is ELDOA?

The term ELDOA is an acronym in French, which in English would translate as LOADS (Longitudinal Osteo Articular Decoaptation Stretches).
ELDOAs are specific positions that put tension on the fascial lines (the tension is created by your own muscle strength) of the body in order to create space in a targeted joint….one specific joint at a time, hence the unusual postures.

What about actual benefits?

Back pain mainly is caused by compression due to poor posture, poor mechanics, carrying heavy things (shoulder bags, backpacks, etc.) muscle imbalances, genetic conditions like scoliosis, since we are all under the force of gravity 100% of the time.

👉🏻 When you do an ELDOA posture you are creating space at a specific joint, therefore improving joint awareness and posture, increasing blood flow to the area, and decreasing pressure and pain in the discs.

“Pilates and ELDOA totally compliment each other. After these workouts I feel more space and length in my spine and more range of motion. I also feel less compression in my spine, not only in my lower back but also in my thoracic spine. As with Pilates, ELDOA stretches and postures help me to feel more extension in my body and less stress and tension. Doing a regular practice of Pilates and ELDOA has significantly reduced the number of acute flare ups.”

Lisa Peterson

What’s inside the Spine Align Program?


  • Foundational concepts and exercises in Pilates
  • Three levels of workouts so you can build strength, skills and awareness gradually.
  • You will move on to the next level when you feel you have an understanding and mastery of the exercises in each level.
  • The Pilates levels gradually build upon each other so that you are keeping the exercises you learned, deepening your body awareness, and adding more skills.



  • Foundational concepts and exercises in ELDOA
  • Three different ELDOA programs that can correspond with each Pilates level OR they can be practiced on their own.
  • The programs are: Introduction, Posture, Breathing and Balance.
  • Introduction to ELDOA is an explanation of the core concepts to successfully recognize movements in your body and how they apply to each ELDOA.
  • Posture includes exercises designed to support the Pilates intro and basic workouts.
  • Breathing includes exercises designed to support the Pilates level 2 (basic/intermediate) workout.
  • Balance includes exercises designed to support the Pilates level 3 (intermediate) workout.

Pilates and ELDOA
to give you results

Who is Spine Align for?

The Program is designed to specifically support people that:

  • Want a new approach to chronic back pain
  • Are ready to take action towards a body they feel good in
  • Have had spinal disc issues in the past and want to prevent further injury
  • Want to learn the basics of good posture to build and improve the muscles that support that.
  • Have never done Pilates or ELDOA before and are not sure where to start.

“You are your own best therapist” – Guy Voyer

“With Eldoa, I feel almost immediate relief of whatever problem I had when I started the session. I’ve noticed more flexibility in my joints, and awareness with my positioning and alignment. I find it more challenging and interesting than regular standard exercise routines.”

Linda Nelson

“Since starting ELDOA with Danielle I feel much more flexible, and I’ve developed a stronger, straighter spine. I like that it targets very specific areas of the body and can help strengthen my weak spots. “

Nancy Palley

What will you learn in Spine Align Program?

In the Spine Align Program you will learn:

  • ELDOA postures for the spine which use muscle strength to create tension along fascial lines  in order to create space at very specific targeted joints.
  • Breathing techniques that will calm the nervous system and allow for more efficient movements.
  • A classical Pilates sequence that you can return to again and again and go deeper into your awareness and monitor the progress of how your body adapts to the movements.
  • Modifications for different limitations and conditions, so all sequences are safe for MOST people.
  • How posture affects not only how you look, but it’s effects on your overall health

Most importantly, you will create a personal practice that you can rely on, and learn to feel empowered to do on your own.

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”  – Joseph Pilates

The results will speak for themselves. 

What kind of results can you expect?

My clients report:

  • Less pain
  • More energy
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved posture and breathing
  • A better understanding of their body
  • Less anxiety
  • Back pain relief!
  • Feeling the body back to balance
  • Noticing a difference in the way they carry themselves, even feeling taller, longer and more spacious.
  • Ability to be more active and not be thinking about the pain they used to be in. (They actually forget about their pain until I ask how they feel!)

One of the best things I hear from clients is that because they feel better, they make other healthier choices as well, such as being more aware of hydration, choosing healthier food and being sure to get more sleep.

“My wife and daughter raved about Pilates so I thought I would give Pilates a try since I had chronic lower back pain and knots in my shoulders. I am active but always had pain after athletic activities. I appreciate Danielles attention to detail to make sure the exercises and movements are done correctly and for maximum benefit, and she really tailors the workout for each persons issues. I now have much better posture, stronger core, better flexibility, less pain and I feel at least 2 inches taller!”
Howard Feller

“I have a completely different body after working with Danielle. I had been stressed out of alignment and had lots of pain due to an inflamed disc when I first began Pilates. Over time I noticed much better awareness, flexibility, strength and resilience. Danielle is especially good at adapting exercises to the specific needs of older people, and modifying the exercises to fit my body. Its been 18 years since I started and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon!”
Nancy Rosenfeld

Spine Align

Foundational Pilates and ELDOA for Spine Health.

Improve your posture, strengthen your core, build a balanced body

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And how exactly does the program work?

This program is designed with beginners in mind, but advanced practitioners will also feel challenged (especially if you have never done ELDOA before.)


The beauty of Pilates is that even the basic exercises are always kept in the sequence so you get to practice them and feel the effects and changes in your body over time.


You will find that the same exercises as a beginner feel different as the body adapts and changes over time with practice.

The very same concept applies to ELDOA.

Therefore I recommend at first doing all the videos in order of the modules, but after you develop a habit of practice you can pick and choose depending on how you feel.

Each module consists of a Pilates section and an ELDOA section.


In this section I will review some of the basic movements, concepts and vocabulary that we will be doing in both the Pilates and Eldoa exercises. I will break down and simplify some of the basics that we will build upon later in the program.



The focus will be posture awareness, reinforcing and maintaining optimal alignment. The Pilates basic/intermediate sequence addresses many of the muscles that are important for optimal posture, as do the very specific exercises and spinal ELDOA that are taught in this section.



In this section we add several more Pilates exercises to the workout sequence and focus on breathing with each exercise. Many exercises in Pilates are specifically for breathing, and Joe Pilates famously said, “Above all things, learn to breathe correctly.” Breathing has an effect on posture, (and vice versa), our organs, stress levels, digestion and more. We also connect this concept to some specific breathing exercises that improve the awareness of the diaphragm and ELDOA that can positively affect breathing.



What enables us to have good balance? Many things. In this module we continue to remember what we’ve learned previously and add more specific Pilates balance exercises involving the feet and core. We also add some basic proprioception and ELDOAs that contribute to better balance.


As you can see this is so much more than just an exercise program.  It's a guide for you to learn, explore movement and progress in your own body, and create a personalized practice that benefits your body in a holistic way.


I fully explain the exercises with all the details and modifications. Like any skill the more often you practice, the more you will see results. You are able to revisit the videos as many times as you feel you need to practice.

As soon as you sign up you will receive access to our private members area and access to the entire program – so you can start right away, and progress at your own pace!

I am with you every step of the way as you go through these sequences and you are welcome to email me with questions.

It is your time now to feel good in your body!


Spine Align

Foundational Pilates and ELDOA for Spine Health.

Improve your posture, strengthen your core, build a balanced body

One time Payment


“I have been doing Pilates with Danielle for about 3 years. I am a musician and I have scoliosis, it’s helped me be able to sit straighter and play piano longer. I feel the awareness I gained with Pilates has helped me to understand ELDOA better. I definitely see results! I find it to be a pain reliever because it decompresses my back. After I do the exercises I have better posture and I can more easily maintain it. It has been so helpful for my posture and my overall body stability.”
Maritza Alvarez

“Practicing ELDOA with Danielle has helped my posture, eased my back pain, improved my muscle tone, and increased my overall body awareness. I love that Danielle knows stretches for every body part and ache so that her practice is very individualized and responsive to my particular needs.”
Lisa Peterson

“Incorporating ELDOA into my regular Pilates workouts with Danielle has helped me to have a straighter spine and more space in tight areas.”
Amy Feller