Hi everyone!

I have some exciting news!

Supporting people in their journey on feeling good in their bodies has been my mission for the last 20+ years. So I am very happy to have a project gearing up to be launched in a couple weeks!


It’s a program that will enable me to help YOU to manage aches and pains and feel better in your body in a much more affordable way!



👉🏼A little back story on how this program came about:


As most of you know I’ve been a Pilates teacher for a long time, and it completely changed my life.

What I love most about Pilates is that it teaches components that balance, heal and align the body.

Recently I became certified as an ELDOA trainer and it has only enhanced my understanding of Pilates and the body and how to get even better results for folks with injuries and pain.

Now, I love working one on one with clients. It’s my happy place. I enjoy seeing clients have “aha” moments and finally understand something in their body that they may not have had awareness of before. However, I can appreciate that with the substantial changes to many of our lifestyles and schedules over the past year, we need corrective/healing exercise more than ever –  yet finding the time to fit it in can be a challenge.

Therefore I had the idea to create a program that incorporates both Pilates and ELDOA and can be done on your own time, at your own pace.


The program will start at the very beginning, teaching the basics, and builds up from there. You progress at your own pace, as you feel ready, and until you understand all the concepts. I safely lead you step by step through the basic/intermediate mat as well as all the details that make up the most important ELDOA postures. I am super excited to finally share it with you in a few weeks!

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Have a wonderful week!

Be well,