The Posture Bundle

This is a collection of classes that focus on strength, mobility and alignment of the body in it’s optimal posture.


  •  Do you spend a lot of time on your computer or phone?
  • Do you sit or drive a lot or often feel stressed and have tension in your neck and shoulders?
  • Maybe you play an instrument or suffer from TMJ discomfort.

These classes will help you to release tension and specifically address your alignment and help create the strength and flexibility to maintain it.

Learn how to relax your muscles and let your body recover from the stress of poor posture due to sitting, working on a computer, driving, worrying, carrying heavy bags, or playing an instrument.
Doing these exercises regularly will help improve your posture and promote optimal alignment and muscle tone.

Classes included are:

  • Pilates and Gravity Line Stretches and ELDOA (1hr)
  • Upper Body Strength, Stretch and ELDOA (55 min)
  • Shoulder Girdle Stretches and ELDOA (1hr)
  • Pilates and Lower Thoracic Stretches (46min)


A single payment of $75!
Lifetime access to the workouts – once you purchase the workouts are yours 🤸🏼‍♀️