Strength, Flexibility & Pilates

Pre-recorded classes bundled together into groups of 4 workouts according to a specific focus.

These challenging “mini-programs” will build awareness, strength, flexibility, and an overall feeling of well-being.

They are carefully sequenced and each bundle is focused on a specific purpose.

They include: 

  • warm up
  • core strengthening exercise
  • strengthening and myofascial stretching


🤸🏼‍♀️ Practice anywhere without equipment!

All the workouts in these bundles can be done anywhere, are extremely safe, require no equipment and can be used as a supplement to other programs as active rest/recovery.

Once you purchase you are granted access for 3 months.

These classes are for ALL LEVELS

Choose From:

Intro to Pilates and ELDOA Bundle

The Bundle was created for anyone who needs a short go-to guided set of exercises to restore the spine, strengthen the core and mobilize and stretch the muscles and joints safely.

Classes included are:

  • Joint warm up
  • Basic Pilates Mat
  • L5S1 ELDOA

Full Body Bundle

These four classes are focused on creating a solid foundation with detailed instruction. Each class highlights a different area of the body for a well rounded program.

Classes included are:

  • Full Body Circuit, Basic Pilates, Wellness ELDOA (54min)
  • Warmup, Pilates and Sacrum ELDOA (51min)
  • Hips Upper Body Strength and Spine ELDOA (1hr)
  • Thoracic Park (1hr)

Hips, Low Back and Mid Spine Bundle

A collection of four workouts that include exercises that support the low back, hips, and spine. This bundle is great for anyone with low back pain or disc issues. These workouts include middle spine work, which is helpful for rotational sports like golf and tennis.

 Classes included are: 

  • Circuit, Middle Spine Stretches and ELDOA (1hr 11 min)
  • Hip Strength, Stretch, Lumbar ELDOA (58min)
  • Ribcage Thoracic Spine Mobility (39min)
  • Hip proprioception and ELDOA (58 min)

The Pelvis Bundle

This group of four classes highlights the connections of the pelvis to the rest of the body. This is great for runners, folks who stand a lot or anyone with issues with their feet or pelvic floor. You will find hip stretches and strengthening exercises, pelvic floor exercises, and lots of exercises to normalize the SI joint.

 Classes included are: 

  • Hips and Pelvis Strength, Stretch and ELDOA (55min)
  • Pelvis and Pelvic Floor (50min)
  • From Feet to Seat (54min)
  • Stretches and ELDOA for your Pelvis (55min)

The Posture Bundle

A collection of four workouts that work the body in a balanced way to improve the position of the spine, pelvis and neck. Amazing if you are on your computer or phone a lot (who isn’t?), or feel tension in your neck and shoulders. Each class includes exercises that reinforce an optimal gravity line and improve posture, as well as create space in common trouble spots in your spine.

 Classes included are: 

  • Pilates and Gravity Line Stretches and ELDOA (1hr)
  • Upper Body Strength, Stretch and ELDOA (55 min)
  • Shoulder Girdle Stretches and ELDOA (1hr)
  • Pilates and Lower Thoracic Stretches (46min)