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I now have much better posture, stronger core, better flexibility, less pain and I feel at least 2 inches taller!” ~ Howard Feller

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The Pelvis and how it affects the rest of the body

I think of fall as a "back to school” time even if I’m not actually in school. I always like to either take a class in a new skill or at least read a book about a new topic. And that’s what I did! I just got back from another ELDOA training where we learned all...

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Getting Started with Pilates and ELDOA

Hello Friends! Good movements = good health! Did you know that your body needs to move for optimal health? Maintaining strength, mobility and flexibility in all of our joints - even the small ones - is important for overall balance and well being, and can have a...

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What is ELDOA?

ELDOA is an acronym in French, which in English would translate as LOADS (Longtitudinal Osteo Articular Decoaptation Stretches). ELDOAs are specific positions that put tension on the fascial lines (the tension is created by your own muscle strength) of the body in...

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What is Urban Wellness?

UrbanWellness is a name that represents what I wanted to offer myself and my students at a time when, after living in the city for years, I realized I really need nature on a regular basis to feel balanced and healthy. Even though I teach exercise, more than...

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What’s coming up at Urbanwellness

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news! Supporting people in their journey on feeling good in their bodies has been my mission for the last 20+ years. So I am very happy to have a project gearing up to be launched in a couple weeks!   It’s a program that will...

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Diluting essential oils for topical use

Why dilute essential oils? The word “dilute” usually makes you think of making something less strong or less effective. But it’s actually the opposite when it comes to essential oils. When using oils topically (on your skin), I recommend using a “carrier oil”. A...

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Tight spot solution: Shoulders

Who doesn't have tight shoulders and neck these days? Carrying a backpack, driving, traveling, sleeping can all cause some level of tightness in the neck and shoulders. Sitting at a desk, texting on your phone (anyone?) carrying kids and stress can also cause neck...

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4 ways to relax tight muscles

We all get a little bit tight from time to time.   There are different reasons for muscle tightness, so if simply stretching isn't working it might help to try another option.    Here are 4 things that can help your muscles relax and stretch a little easier:  ...

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3 things you can do right now to align your spine

Ah, posture. That annoying thing that seems to just never be good enough. Pilates helps, but guess what? You could almost be doing Pilates if you did these 3 things all day!   They are not Pilates exercises, just alignment principles that help keep your pelvis...

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