The Pelvis Bundle

A collection of classes that focus on different strengthening and stretching muscles that affect the pelvis and pelvic floor as well as normalizing the joint spaces of the pelvis, and hips.


  • Do you have trouble connecting to your pelvic floor?
  • Do you often feel pain or discomfort in your SacroIliac (SI) joint?
  • Do you have plantar fasciitis, or feel unbalanced?

All these things may seem unrelated but they are very connected.


These workouts will help you to achieve a better sense of balance,
freedom and stability in your body.

As you do these classes you will notice more awareness of the connections your pelvis has to the rest of the body.

These exercises can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by strength imbalances or tightness in the connective tissue and joints. Anyone who has a pelvis can benefit from these very specific exercises!

Classes included are:

  • Hips and Pelvis Strength, Stretch and ELDOA (55min)
  • Pelvis and Pelvic Floor (50min)
  • From Feet to Seat (54min)
  • Stretches and ELDOA for your Pelvis (55min)


A single payment of $75!
Lifetime access to the workouts – once you purchase the workouts are yours 🤸🏼‍♀️