Hips, Low Back, Mid Spine Bundle

This is a collection of classes that focus strengthening and creating flexibility an space in the lumbar spine, hips and middle spine.


  • Do you have low back pain, disc issues, or feel tight in the hips?
  • Do you feel restricted with rotating your spine?
  • Do you struggle with stiffness that often interferes with your ability to play golf, tennis or other activities?

These workouts include exercises that specifically target the low back disc spaces and hips to decompress and create space in that area.

The exercise help mobilize the middle spine for rotational activities. Addressing these areas decreases pain and stress, and increases awareness and quality of movement.
Doing these exercises regularly will help improve your posture and promote optimal alignment and muscle tone.

Classes included are:

  • Circuit, Middle Spine Stretches and ELDOA (1hr 11 min)
  • Hip Strength, Stretch, Lumbar ELDOA (58min)
  • Ribcage Thoracic Spine Mobility (39min)
  • Hip proprioception and ELDOA (58 min)


A single payment of $75!
Lifetime access to the workouts – once you purchase the workouts are yours 🤸🏼‍♀️