Our UrbanWellness

UrbanWellness is a name that represents what I wanted to offer myself and my students at a time when, after living in the city for a number of years, I realized I really need nature on a regular basis to feel balanced and healthy.

Theres that “work hard/play hard” philosophy, which is balance but tends to be extremely polarized.

I was seeking a more integrated balanced lifestyle for myself and family and quickly learned that it can be done, but it does take a conscious effort in a time when we are all super busy, stressed, scheduled, and in need of more downtime.

Whether its a few hours at the beach walking in the sand, or the smell of fresh air under a tree in the park, or the earthy taste of something that actually grew in real dirt, nature (even in its smallest detail) always makes me feel recharged, more grounded, and more like myself.

As I saw more of my clients craving this connection as well,
my mission came to be to help other people find that balance in their busy urban lives.

Hi, I’m Danielle! I am a Classically trained Pilates Teacher since 2000 and Health Coach.

I see fitness as an integration of body, mind and spirit rather than just the exercise element.

We come from nature, and we are nature. Yet we live in unnatural circumstances and environments. What we choose to put in and on our body, how we move, how we spend our time. We commit to exercising, but not to moving. I saw so many people exercising as a chore, just one more thing they “should” do. And that “no pain, no gain” mentality that just leads to more feelings of guilt when that intensity or schedule (not surprisingly) isnt sustainable.

Why not find a middle ground where movement and your mind are all coming together to create a bigger picture of wellness and nourishment?

As a Pilates teacher, yoga and fitness pro for many years, I see firsthand the difference healthy mindful movement makes in the healing process.  Get moving and breathing, and its easier to make other health supportive changes at a pace that is sustainable for the long term.  Learning to align, breathe and enjoy movement (different from “exercise”) is one of the best ways to slow down, connect, be present and begin a journey of mind/body transformation.  

I love helping people find ways to feel alive and well through healthy, alignment based movement, which sets the stage for the alignment of other life enhancing habits to fall into place.
That, to me, is Urbanwellness.