What is Urban Wellness?

UrbanWellness is a name that represents what I wanted to offer myself and my students at a time when, after living in the city for years, I realized I really need nature on a regular basis to feel balanced and healthy.

Even though I teach exercise, more than anything I love how I feel after just a day outside.

Sun, plants, trees, soil, the ocean….these are the things that always left me feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

I wanted to create that feeling on a more regular basis, even when I could not get outside in nature every day.

I noticed places around the city that felt like tiny oases….the small park nearby, the shade under a tree on the sidewalk, the farmer’s market. Places that felt like a place to relax, a break from the stressed out, fast paced, work-focused environment that many of us find ourselves in these days.

I wanted to bring some of that oasis feeling into my home so I began by becoming conscious of the products I used, and things I consume.


I am a big believer in small habits making a big difference.


Cooking at home is something that I love doing because eating is one of my favorite things to do but also because just touching and preparing and inhaling the aroma of food somehow makes me feel more connected and grounded. Weird, maybe….but it does!!!

And nothing is more rejuvenating for me personally than movement, (something I am obviously very passionate about) even if it’s just a walk around the block. I’ve never been a big gym person, (even though I’ve always worked in some sort of gym!) I much prefer to just go outside, (and do my Pilates and Eldoa in a studio or at home of course.)

The awareness that mindful movement can bring about is truly one of the reason why I love teaching it so much.

It’s like a gateway to more mindful balancing lifestyle choices.

Wherever you live, city or country, nourishing your body with food and movement and fresh things (air, plants, food, water) is going to improve your wellness.


It’s about a lifestyle of choosing things that feel supportive of your health, both on the mental and physical level, whatever that may be for you.


And so…..this is how I came up with the name Urbanwellness. Over the years my services have evolved a bit but I still feel as though all that I do and feel passionate about is defined under the umbrella of Urbanwellness and what it represents.

Be Well,

The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

A quick and easy to access video bundle of 3 short workouts that includes the fundamental basics of Pilates and ELDOA.


  1. tariq

    hi! where are you located!?

  2. danielle

    Hi Tariq
    I am in New York City

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Hi, I’m Danielle O’Connell

Pilates Teacher, ELDOA Trainer and Health Coach.

I’m here to help integrate body, mind and soul through Pilates practice while helping instructors & students get better results in their daily practice. 

I truly believe that healthy movement is an important part of both physical and mental wellness, and that Pilates and ELDOA work amazingly well to help you achieve freedom in your body and a sense of wellbeing.

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Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA is a workout bundle for anyone who wants a short go-to guided set of exercises to restore the spine, strengthen the core and mobilize and stretch the muscles and joints safely.
A quick, easy to access video bundle of 3 short workouts that includes the fundamental basics of Pilates and ELDOA. You can do them safely at home and on-the-go any time you need.

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