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I’ve always been (kind of) a writer. 

As a kid I wrote letters to my friends, I journaled, I wrote to my favorite celebrities, and once I even wrote to the local newspaper to ask advice about convincing my parents to let me have my own room.  (Yes, it worked!) 


In addition to writing I’ve also always been a mover, and mainly interested in how movement keeps humans healthy. It seemed only natural that one day I would write stuff about the work I do.  Which I do all the time with my blog about movement and Pilates, exercise, etc.   

However,  I also love food and eating!! 

It’s always seemed so obvious to me that what we put into our bodies is super important to our overall health.

No amount of exercise can make up for an unhealthy diet.  When my kids were younger I often made smoothies for them as a quick, easy snack or meal.   

So, a few years ago I put my collection of recipes together and wrote an ebook! 

Click here to get it for free on Amazon! 

 I created, tested and photographed all the smoothies myself and they are delicious.  They are easy to make and great for breakfast, lunch or anytime you feel like you need a refreshing, wholesome, nutritious snack on the go.  

Yes, it’s been sitting on Amazon all this time. Be sure to check it out!! I really wanted to tell you ASAP because for the next 5 days it is totally free! 


In other news:

I have a new way for you to have access to my classes:

Workout class bundles!


 I decided to create these bundles so you could have targeted routines to work on specific areas of your body.  Maybe you have a tight achy low back, some pelvic floor issues, or simply want to work on your posture.  Each bundle is a series of 4 classes carefully chosen to get to all the nooks and crannies of that area.  

Click on each bundle below to read more. As I mentioned, each bundle includes 4 classes for a well rounded program. You will have access to the bundle for 3 months from purchase date. 

*The basic full body bundle (best for beginners)

*The pelvis bundle (great for new moms)

*The the posture bundle (amazing for people who work sitting at a desk all day)

*The hips, low back and mid spine bundle (designed for increasing mobility and rotation in the spine, great for folks who play golf an/or tennis)

Are you interested a personalized program?

For a while now I have wanted to make this work accessible and affordable for more people because of the great results I was seeing with my clients.  I wanted to reach those people who are ready to begin a fitness program but maybe just are not ready for a full on gym environment.  I know a lot of people wanting to improve their bone density, balance, posture, overall muscular strength, and cardiovascular health –

but they don’t know where to start.  


So I created Spine Align. 

It’s a program that includes programming and coaching from me along with very specific Pilates, Stretching, Strength work, pelvic floor and breathwork, ELDOA, exercises for the spine and more. This format allows me to give one on one customized and personalized coaching and guidance for you, and it also allows for you to explore the movements on your own and do the workouts when it fits into your schedule. 

It’s the most personalized program out there.  I create it around YOUR body, YOUR schedule, YOUR goals. 

Click HERE to learn more about Spine Align Coaching Program. 

Have question? Want to chat?

Email me here to schedule a consult call to see if Spine Align would be a good fit for you! 

We can talk about your current situation, where you want to be with your health, your goals, what a program might look like for you etc.  

Remember that small changes add up to big results, and the most important part is taking the first step.  


Be well, 



The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

A quick and easy to access video bundle of 3 short workouts that includes the fundamental basics of Pilates and ELDOA.


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Hi, I’m Danielle O’Connell

Pilates Teacher, ELDOA Trainer and Health Coach.

I’m here to help integrate body, mind and soul through Pilates practice while helping instructors & students get better results in their daily practice. 

I truly believe that healthy movement is an important part of both physical and mental wellness, and that Pilates and ELDOA work amazingly well to help you achieve freedom in your body and a sense of wellbeing.

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Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA is a workout bundle for anyone who wants a short go-to guided set of exercises to restore the spine, strengthen the core and mobilize and stretch the muscles and joints safely.
A quick, easy to access video bundle of 3 short workouts that includes the fundamental basics of Pilates and ELDOA. You can do them safely at home and on-the-go any time you need.

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