They are talking about FASCIA in the news!

Have you heard?

Everyones talking about the NY Times article about fascia that was published earlier this week. 

It’s a good article and important for people to know that their fascia is a key component for health and fitness.

It’s amazing to see that the research about fascia is finally reaching the mainstream.

There was no mention of ELDOA in the article but I made sure to give it a shout out in the comments! 

Be sure to check it out! Here’s a link to the article. 

If you are really curious, here’s a great video showing microendoscopic images of living fascia. In the past it had been studied using cadavers and as you can imagine healthy living fascia looks and acts very different.

It appears to be stringy and web-like to the naked eye but when you look at living fascia under a microscope it’s clear that there are actually tiny tubes containing water 

Even deep down at this microscopic level movement and hydration is important. 

The bottom line about keeping your fascia healthy seems to be to just keep moving by doing  exercises that encourage movements in all directions (Pilates anyone?), stay hydrated and be gentle with yourself especially if you haven’t exercised in a while or are recovering from illness or injury. 

The more we know about fascia, its role in the body and how it works and why we have it in the first place, the better we can take care of it. 

Incorporating myofascial stretching, reinforcement exercises and ELDOA into your workouts is a  great way to directly and specifically target fascia. These are great tools to build strong, resilient, flexible muscles and fascia. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can work with me using these methods, please check out my Spine Align Program or recordings of my classes which can be purchased in bundles of 4.  

Movement is like medicine for the mind and the body.

What it does for one’s mood, blood pressure, blood sugar, circulation, bone density and even sleep (all things that many folks take lots of drugs for) is remarkable. I’m more excited than ever to share my programs with you!  

The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

A quick and easy to access video bundle of 3 short workouts that includes the fundamental basics of Pilates and ELDOA.


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