Small Steps to Big Goals

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year.

I love the changes in schedule, the outside time, the longer days and even how it seems to have a clear beginning and ending. To me, the end of summer and beginning of September has always felt like a new beginning even more than the actual new year.

I’m about to go away for a couple weeks.

I always find that coming back from time away (or even just a weekend off) can also feel like a fresh start.

A change of environment can be a catalyst for mentally envisioning what you want to come back to. It’s like the slate has been cleared and it’s a chance to make changes, start new habits, get going with new projects, etc.

  • What changes have you been wanting to make?
  • What new habits would you like to start?
  • What goals do you have that have gone by the wayside?

I’m talking all kinds of goals, projects, plans. The things that take a lot of steps, patience, thought and, well, just getting started. It’s a process that takes time and that initial push is what can be so daunting.

But sometimes that one initial step in the direction we want to go is all we need to do.

Do you have tasks around the house, books you want to read, recipes you want to try, people you keep meaning to reach out to but never do, cards you think about sending but never get around to, drawers you want to organize?

For me, it’s updating photos in frames around the house, and tossing some of my books (some I haven’t even read at all) and clothes from before 2020 that I no longer wear. I’m doing it little by little otherwise I know I’ll never get around to doing it all at once.

👉🏻 I’m also trying to get up earlier and get outside for a quick walk in the neighborhood before working. When I do it, I’m always so glad I did. I feel ahead of myself and get more accomplished as the day goes on.

It’s not a big sweaty workout. It’s just a short 15 minute walk. Just a little fresh air and getting out of the house, seeing the trees, before sitting down to work.

I could easily blow this off, and I do sometimes.

The times I don’t go I do regret it.

But I use that feeling to motivate myself to not let that happen, because I know what I’m missing.

Sometimes keeping a promise to yourself -even about something really small- is all you need to give yourself a mental boost and some motivation to keep going towards your bigger goals, and new beginnings :)

Whether it’s organizing an area of your home, waking up a few minutes earlier to create a more balanced morning routine, or making time to relax during the day, use this process:

  1. think about how you want to feel and
  2. take one small step towards that

This can actually be pretty satisfying.

What one little thing will you do today?

If you are also trying to make small changes in your daily fitness routine, my morning wakeup warmup is a great way to move your body joint by joint, from the bottom up, and you’ll always be glad you did it even on the lazy days. Click here to get free access!

Be well,

The Basic Intro to Pilates and ELDOA

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