Ah, posture. That annoying thing that seems to just never be good enough.

Pilates helps, but guess what? You could almost be doing Pilates if you did these 3 things all day!


They are not Pilates exercises, just alignment principles that help keep your pelvis in optimal position.


  1. Keep your thighs back
  2. Stand on 2 feet
  3. Level your ribcage


The hard part comes when we leave the studio and are not formally doing Pilates.

Then the work of noticing our patterns begins: Do we have the awareness to align the ribs? Or to not sag into one side? Or to not tuck our pelvis forward to “rest” our weak core?


Just try these 3 things while standing on line for the bus or at the supermarket, or anywhere where you have to stand around for a while.


Your muscles will have to work a little bit, but that’s always part of change.   However I  bet your spine will thank you. Make this part of your home practice!


Unofficial exercise at it’s best!


Because what good is running 10 miles if you can’t stand for 20 minutes without your back hurting?
You wouldn’t want to sit on a chair that had a crooked leg, why would you expect your body to be pain free with less than optimal alignment?


Till next time!

Be Well,