What is UrbanWellness?

After living in the city for a number of years, I realized I really need nature on a regular basis to feel balanced and healthy.
Theres that “work hard/play hard” philosophy, which is balance but tends to be extremely polarized. I was seeking a more integrated balanced lifestyle for myself and family and quickly learned that it can be done, but it does take a conscious effort in a time when we are all super busy, stressed, scheduled, and in need of more downtime.

Hi, I’m Danielle!

I am a Classically trained Pilates Teacher (since 2000) and Health Coach. I have studied yoga for over 18 years and Im also interested in natural movement in terms of the “undoing” of some of the restrictions caused by modern lifestyles.

I see fitness as a “whole person project” rather than just the exercise element.

My programs include nutrition, movement, alignment and lifestyle. I also love essential oils and teach classes about how to use them for health and wellness. My clients include people of all walks of life, fitness level and ages.

Danielle O'Connell - Pilates Instructor

Finding resistance in some of your Pilates Students?
I have a solution for you!