Pay Attention To Where Your Head Is. All day!

pay atttention to where your head isThis came up years ago when I was teaching a client a very simple yoga pose, dandasana.

Basically sitting on the floor with legs together in front, straight and outstretched. I was explaining about how important it is for the spine to be straight before we straighten the legs. She had this habit of always looking forward and down, and when I would remind her to lift her chin and pull her head back so that it was aligned over her spine, she could really feel the softness in the muscles of her neck and shoulders.

So then I would instruct her to then think of lifting up in the waist, pressing the thighs down without compromising the length in the spine and …- wait- she was looking down again!

Begin to take note of your habits.

Your posture, where you focus your gaze, where your head is. Not just how you physically hold your head, (thats important too) but what goes on inside your mind as well. Can you notice how your thoughts can help shape your mood?

How often are our thoughts out of sync with the “alignment” of what we wish to create, or who we know we are or can be?

How often do we tell ourselves we are not good enough, (even when evidence proves otherwise), not doing enough (when we know we are doing our best and a darn good job), or don’t have enough (while we struggle to create space in our homes and lives)? How does it feel in your body at those times? What if you were to change that, and tell yourself that you are enough, and that you have a mindset of abundance and gratitude?

Thought patterns can be habitual. Check in with your thoughts, how you feel, and your mood throughout the day. Just observe, without judgement. Watch where your your head is all day, it’s placement on top of your spine (give those shoulders a break!) but also your thoughts.

Ways to break out of a funk and have a more positive headspace:

  1. Smile. Yes, even if you are by yourself.
  2. Music: Listen to your favorite song. No breakup songs please, or songs with the word “suck” in the title. Just kidding. Sometimes the sound of the music is what does it!
  3. Smell: An uplifting aroma can pull you out of a funk. I love to use essential oils for this.
  4. A workout: even if its just a walk. Getting outside especially has a transformative effect. Breathing deeply and moving your body improves circulation which always feels good.
  5. Journal: If you find you cant stop negative thoughts or worry, jot them down. This is very effective first thing in the morning so you can start your day with a clear head. “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron is a great resource for this.
  6. Rest: make sure you are getting enough downtime and fun in your day so you are not burnt out when it comes time to see clients or spend time with family.
  7. Surround yourself with fun, positive people. Good vibes can be contagious!

Stay tuned for more about actual neck and head positioning….but in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on this!





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