Pilates For Pregnancy Video – DVD

Pilates For Pregnancy Video


This unique workout is a modified sequence of Pilates exercises designed specifically for the pregnant woman’s body. Each exercise emphasizes proper alignment, breathing, and body placement with simple, clear instructions for all stages of pregnancy. With this workout you will develop the strength, awareness and control in your body that will help you during your pregnancy, delivery and life with a new baby!


A strong core is important for pregnant women! These core muscles become stretched and therefore awareness in that area can difficult to attain. Strength and control in these core muscles are crucial for maintaining good posture as well as pushing during a natural delivery, and also for recovery after the birth of the baby.

This workout can help you to:

  • Specifically strengthen the muscles of the abdomen known as the “powerhouse” making it easier to bounce back to your pre pregnancy figure
  • Increase overall strength and flexibility, resulting in less lower back pain during pregnancy and an easier recovery from childbirth.
  • Develop awareness in your body to improve the quality of your breathing, decrease muscle tension, and increase circulation
  • Improve the way you feel and carry yourself by helping to create a sense of space and balance in your both your body and mind.

Pilates, when done correctly, is one of the most invigorating yet gentle forms of exercise ever developed. During pregnancy a woman’ s body goes through so much change in such a short amount of time. Pilates is the perfect way to connect the breathing and movement through these changes in order to feel light and long at a time when most women feel themselves getting bigger and heavier.

This workout can be done before you get pregnant, while you are pregnant and after the birth of your baby. The order of the traditional mat Pilates sequence has been changed slightly so that you spend less time on your back and on your belly. Clear, precise instruction is given at a reasonable pace and modifications are shown for different levels/stages of pregnancy.