Pilates Beginner-Intermediate Video
(w/ Slow, Flow, and On-The-Go Workouts)

(Digital Download)

This Beginner/Intermediate Pilates mat workout will challenge the absolute beginner and the seasoned intermediate by offering 3 separate workouts in one DVD: Slow, Flow and On-The-Go!

  • The Slow Workout offers more detailed instructions to ensure proper control, breathing, placement and alignment.
  • The Flow Workout has a faster pace and emphasizes seamless fluidity while still focusing on complete control.
  • The On-The-Go Workout is an energetic, power-packed Pilates session which takes less than 9 minutes!Can be viewed on your computer or on your video-enabled iPod.

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More Information
Beginners start with the Slow Workout, and progress to the Flow Workout. Or choose the On-The-Go Workout for an express session. It’s like having a personal Pilates trainer with you the whole time.

Improve your core strength, muscle tone, posture and flexiblity with these timeless exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. It’s the workout that really works!