“Danielle is a great teacher with an excellent understanding of the human body. I really appreciated that she took the time to explain the exercises in an easy to understand way. Thanks to Danielle I have a strong foundation in Pilates that I will always have and can take anywhere I go.”

– Alicia D.

“I must say I was a little intimidated going to my very first Pilates mat class. Thanks to your patience, adjustments and precise instruction, my back pain has disappeared and I have made Pilates a part of my life.”
– Randi K.

“I love that Pilates can be done anywhere, at home or when I’m traveling. I find that with the On-The-Go workout I can be consistent with my routine even if I am extremely busy. I found it to be a great compliment to my marathon training. I’ve noticed improvements in my strength, flexibility, and posture. I also sleep better at night and feel more awake during the day!
– Joe O.

Thank you for guiding me on this amazing journey…little did I know where I would end up after our time together.  Working with you changed my entire approach to food – food is no longer the enemy, but an energizing life-source where satisfaction, function and nutrition work together.  Your ability to ‘really listen’ to me during our sessions was invaluable as I learned how to listen to my body and realize that my body will tell me, in it’s own way, what it really needs.  I feel a deeper, more personal connection to the food and substances I put into and on my body, and this connection has given me an appreciation and respect for where they come from, what they do and how they affect me and the world around us. While I realize that my emotional cravings for food will be a life-long struggle, you have taught me the tools to relax, listen, meditate and understand where they come from.  After working with you, I get more satisfaction from the simplest foods, enjoy their life energy and feel thankful for it. Thank youfor leading me to a more respectful, thoughtful, relaxed and healthier (both physical and mental) approach to my nutrition. Your ability to listen, reserve judgment, ask the right questions and share your passion has beenmind-opening to me. I would recommend you to anyone I care about.

L. S., Actress