Pilates is truly a holistic life changing practice, affecting your health and well being in so many ways.

Anyone can do Pilates. Its great for athletes, non athletes, new moms, dancers, injury rehab, folks who sit too much, and those of you with old injuries.


It is truly transformative, and you will see and feel results after just one session.



Sessions are 55 minutes long at my studio in NYC.

For information on my studio and lessons please visit www.studio91nyc.com


To schedule a session please email me at studio91nyc@gmail.com

I also meet with individuals and groups to teach about safe and effective use of pure therapeutic essential oils.


I am happy to do phone consults as well as in person meetings to discuss your health concerns and goals. I will make specific recommendations about what oils would be most beneficial for you to use to support your health. To learn more about essential oils click here or fill out the contact form.


“Before starting Pilates with Danielle I didnt have enough strength to keep up the pace of my life.  I felt the discomfort I had was beginning to get worse as I aged. I wanted to improve my flexibility, posture and balance.  I am now more aware of my body alignment and have much more awareness which gives me confidence in my daily activities. Danielle is very professional and truly cares about teaching each student with attention to their particular needs.  There is variety in what we do, its not the same workout each time. She is flexible and can quickly work out modifications for my body when needed. I have limitations but Danielle pushes me when I need it!”
Elizabeth Coleman

“I have a completely different body after working with Danielle. I had been stressed out of alignment and had lots of pain due to an inflamed disc when I first began Pilates. Over time I noticed much better awareness, flexibility, strength and resilience. Danielle is especially good at adapting exercises to the specific needs of older people, and modifying the exercises to fit my body. Its been 18 years since I started and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon!”
Nancy Rosenfeld

“My wife and daughter raved about Pilates so I thought I would give Pilates a try since I had chronic lower back pain and knots in my shoulders. I am active but always had pain after athletic activities. I appreciate Danielles attention to detail to make sure the exercises and movements are done correctly and for maximum benefit, and she really tailors the workout for each persons issues. I now have much better posture, stronger core, better flexibility, less pain and I feel at least 2 inches taller!”
Howard Feller

“I was lifting weights and spinning trying to stay in shape, but I was having severe hip and back pain.  I was in so much pain I couldnt even sit! My doctor recommended Danielle so I decided to give it a try.  My goals for working with Danielle were to be as pain free as possible while maintaining an active lifestyle.  I saw my daughter have great results working with her as well so I had high hopes it would work for me too. Now, I have no pain, my flexibility is so much better and I feel and look longer! I would 100% recommend working with Danielle for Pilates, I tell everyone about what a difference it has made for me.  Danielle is super attentive to my individual situation and she does not apply a one size fits all approach. I am so much stronger and also have a better understanding of the practice. I am convinced that anyone can benefit from Pilates!”
Amy Feller