What is Myofascial Stretching?

Myo=muscle  Fascial=fascia

Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that is just about everywhere in the body. 

It surrounds every muscle muscle fiber, tendon, bone, blood vessel and nerve fiber in order to give the body its shape and  structure and connectivity. Healthy fascia also lubricates and nourishes the surrounding organs and tissues.

Fascia is the link, the thread of continuity that goes through the whole body.  


What is myofascial stretching?


It’s a form of active stretching that precisely targets a muscle and also the fascia that surrounds specific muscles and joints. 


When we do myofascial stretching, we consider the 3 dimensional shape of a muscle, the way the fascia merges into the multiple attachment points of the muscle, as well as the multidirectional blending of the fibers  into the  surrounding joint tissue.  


So we are stretching not just a muscle, but the whole global fascial chain. (This is why we often include rotation or emphasize the position of  the wrists/hands and feet/ankles during certain stretches and ELDOAs). 


The goal of myofascial stretch is to help the sliding/gliding nature of the muscles and fascia against each other to keep the tissue healthy and to improve hydration and mobility. 


 Here are some good reasons to include myofascial stretching into your daily movement practice:

  1.  heals and prevents joint injuries
  2.  Improves muscle performance and recovery
  3. Helps hydrate your fascia and joints
  4. helps to normalize and balance your muscles and tissue
  5. Improves posture, spinal health, alignment and posture
  6. prepares the body to get the most out of ELDOA exercises
  7. Improves flexibility and mobility


You don’t “lengthen” a muscle, you increase its elasticity which makes it more mobile and resilient. 

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