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I now have much better posture, stronger core, better flexibility, less pain and I feel at least 2 inches taller!” ~ Howard Feller

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Self care during the holidays

I can hardly believe we are almost already at the end of the year!   This is a friendly reminder to continue to take care of yourself during the holiday season.  Don't let all your self care practices go out the window! This is when most people get super busy with...

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Is What’s “Comfortable” Causing Your Pain?

Lately I’ve been discussing how sometimes the things that we think of as  comfortable (in theory) often end up causing long term tightness and pain. It takes a long time for the pain and tightness to become noticeable or cause injury, and it also takes a while to...

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High Heels and Your Spine

My last post was about pillows and how they can affect your spine. Want to guess another thing that really does a number on your body? High heels. They look cute, but ever notice your back is super tight after a few hours of wearing heels? That’s because your whole...

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Your Pillow and Your Spine

Do you have mysterious neck or low back pain?  So much of what we do when we start an exercise program  is simply UN-doing the unnatural shapes and tensions our bodies need to adapt to in order to fit into our “modern”  and “more comfortable” lives. The body is so...

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ELDOA for Musicians (and my first IG live!)

It's crazy to think about how much change we have all gone through the past 2 years. Some big, some small - some good, and some not so good. Right before the pandemic I was teaching Pilates in my studio space that I shared with a colleague. We loved our space and...

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Why Warmup is Important

A funny thing happened the other day. I was teaching the osteoarticular (very specific joint) warmup, as I almost always do before anything, even Pilates….because of how much better all my clients feel after. I mean, they really do, and what makes me especially...

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POSTURE: Why it’s important

I’ve been annoying my whole family lately by constantly correcting their posture.  I can’t help it, it’s what I do. I teach Pilates and ELDOA, and I can’t stand to see anyone I love compressing their spine!  Ouch! It doesn't just make you look better, it's actually...

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The Pelvis and how it affects the rest of the body

I think of fall as a "back to school” time even if I’m not actually in school. I always like to either take a class in a new skill or at least read a book about a new topic. And that’s what I did! I just got back from another ELDOA training where we learned all...

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Getting Started with Pilates and ELDOA

Hello Friends! Good movements = good health! Did you know that your body needs to move for optimal health? Maintaining strength, mobility and flexibility in all of our joints - even the small ones - is important for overall balance and well being, and can have a...

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